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Maria Ramos - Guatemala

Volumes1kg, 250g

Farmed by Maria Ramos

Process - Washed

Variety - Caturra, Pache

Altitude - 1750 masl

This microlot comes from Maria Ramos, whose farm is situated in the San Antonio Huista area of Huehuetenango, Maria is one of the member farmers of The Red de Mujeres, or "network of women" - a large group of female producers who have been either widowed during the 36 years of civil war in Guatemala or were left when their husbands fled the country during the coffee crisis between 2001 and 2004.

With the help of ACODIHUE, AsociaciĆ³n de CooperaciĆ³n al Desarrollo Integral de Huehuetenango, these female producers have been united to market their coffee and find international buyers. ACODIHUE has also supported them in training in organic farming methods, from producing and applying fertilizers, to rust and pest control methods.

Tasting notes - Stewed apples and pears with dark chocolate.